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SMRPG Waltz of the Forest SMRPG Waltz of the Forest

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Was Proud To Be Part of This

Kirbopher, you did a wonderful job on the animation here. People can complain all they want about lack of things like shadowing etc, but you did this ENTIRE THING in under two weeks, that's amazing considering you have so many obligations in real life to attend to. Thank you for giving me a chance to sing a small comedic bit in your production. Lovely work here.

Shady, good job with the rapping! As usual you delivered stellar vocals and rocked your part like no other. I expect nothing else from my favorite lion on the
internet =3. Keep it real man! <3

Psyguy, MMMPH THIS ARRANGEMENT! LIEK SEX TO MAH EARS <3 Seriously man you got such awesome raw talent that it's silly. It was a pleasure to sing along to your piano shenanigans. This tune has been stuck in my head ALL DAY D:< Not that I'm complaining ;3. Thank you also for the banner, looks mad sick!

As for myself, I can only hope that my opera piece will be well received. I know that opera is generally not what 99% of the population listens to here, but perhaps hopefully they will be open minded enough to give me a chance in my role. That's all I've ever asked anyone to do for me is to give me that chance. I'm not known like Kirb, Shady, or Psyguy, but just let me open my mouth and show you what I can do <3 tl;dr GIVE ME A CHANCE NEWGROUNDS D: IT'S NEW GROUND D:

It was an honor to work along side such internet legends. Thank you guys for letting me be involved. You're way more than internet celebrities to me, you're some of my BEST online friends and I love you to death <33333 It means a lot to me that you gave me a chance. <3

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